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Around the Clock Mom: Make the Most of Your God-Given Time

Get time back on your side!

Are you a busy mom with too many demands on your time? Do you feel overwhelmed, distracted, stressed out, and pulled in too many directions at once? Sarah K. Butterfield knows what it’s like to wonder whether you’ll ever have time to yourself again, and to live in the tension between the lure of productivity and the promise of rest. With gentle wisdom and realistic strategies, Sarah shows you how to be wise with the time God has given you.

In this inspiring and practical guide, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Cast a vision for how you want to spend your time.
  • Model your perspective on the life of Jesus.
  • Use effective strategies for motivation and productivity in your home.
  • Set healthy boundaries around your time.
  • Deal with interruptions.
  • Prioritize and organize your schedule.
  • Be mindful and present in the time you spend with others.
  • Enjoy your time like the God-given gift it’s meant to be.

Be confident that you are making smart decisions with your time throughout your journey of motherhood. Crawl into bed at night, knowing that you found enough time for what was important. If you’re ready to start making the most of your God-given time, Around the Clock Mom is the guide you need!

Praise for “Around the Clock Mom”

“My suspicion is that my generation of mothers will look back with some regret at how we’ve spent our time. Never have moms had so many distractions vying for their time and attention. If you want to parent well, if you want to be more intentional, and especially if you are a young mom in need of specific systems for your day, I recommend Around the Clock. Sarah is Scripture-based, funny, and well-researched as she offers practical tips for time management!”

– Jessica Smartt, author of Memory-Making Mom and Let Them Be Kids

“Mom Around the Clock is a practical, approachable guide full of time management strategies for mamas in the trenches. The constant pull between personal needs and parenting responsibilities can add layers of stress to the already challenging season of raising little ones, but the tips in this book help moms cut through the noise, silence mom-guilt, and take charge of the time they have each day. Open these pages for fresh vision, encouragement, and approachable steps toward more peaceful days.”

—Emily Sue Allen, founder of and co-author of Strong, Brave, & Beautiful: Stories of Hope for Moms in the Weeds

“Sarah’s book is a gift to moms in the trenches. She weaves personal stories, biblical truth, and proven strategies in this encouraging and helpful guide. For every mom who is feeling overwhelmed and pulled in too many directions, her words provide a gentle way forward.”

– Kara-Kae James, author of Mom Up

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