Sarah loves to share stories about God’s love and faithfulness. She is passionate about helping other women develop a deeper and richer relationship with God in the midst of their busy, everyday lives.

Through personal stories and biblical truth, Sarah encourages you to live out your calling in God’s kingdom. With a mix of inspiration, practical tips, and thoughtful discussion, Sarah emboldens you to grow deeper in your faith and in your pursuit of God.

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Speaking Topics

Step by Step Faith: How to Walk with God

When we want to grow deeper in our faith, we must walk with God. But what does that mean in practical terms? Together, we’ll explore:

  • What it looks like to walk with God in our everyday, busy lives
  • Spiritual practices that keep us in step with God
  • How walking with God can strengthen our faith

Beyond the Basics: Getting to Know God

How do we come a to a more intimate knowledge of God? Together, we’ll discuss:

  • Old and new metaphors for God
  • The ways in which God reveals Himself to us
  • How to recognize God’s voice and movement in our lives

Practical Theology for the Modern Woman

What is theology and why does it matter to women? Drawing from a rich biblical tradition of women engaging in theology, Sarah will empower and equip you with the tools you need to develop a deeper understanding of faith. Together we will explore:

  • How each of us is already a theologian
  • Jesus’ invitation to women to develop a deeper theology
  • The benefits of engaging in theology
  • Practical ways we can develop our own theology

Secrets of the Happy Mama’s Soul

Motherhood doesn’t have to be all misery and drudgery, there can be magic (even in the mundane!) Happiness, joy, and delight are spiritual practices that can help us grow closer to God. Together we will explore some keys to a happy soul, including:

  • Balancing rest and responsibility
  • Avoiding the comparison trap
  • Developing healthier mindsets

Intentional Parenting

How do we live out our faith as parents? Steering our kids in the direction of our values is so important to cultivating the kind of family we long for. In this practical workshop, each participant will:

  • Identify their family’s top five core values
  • Create a family manifesto
  • Brainstorm ways their family can live out those values

Mommy, Interrupted

Motherhood is filled with constant interruptions! How can we respond with grace and still complete our tasks? Together, we will learn how to:

  • Set healthy boundaries around your time
  • Deal with interruptions in a loving way
  • Model your perspective of time on the life of Jesus

Parenting with Presence, Productivity, and Peace

It’s time to ditch the overwhelm! Crawl into bed at night, knowing that you found enough time for what was important. Drawing from experience, research, and biblical principles, Sarah will show you how to:

  • Organize and prioritize your time to get things done
  • Create systems and routines that work for your lifestyle
  • Be mindful and present in the time you spend with others

Living from the Fullness of God’s Grace

Looking at the story of King David and Mephibosheth, we’ll explore what it means to tune our eyes to see and sing the grace of God in the midst of our everyday lives. Together we will:

  • Discover God’s Grace in our own lives
  • Identify the abundance around us
  • Seek out practical ways we can live out of the fullness of His grace

Belonging in the Kingdom of God

For those of us who feel like we never quite fit in, for those of us who are lonely, for those of us who feel “other,” take heart! This message is for you. Drawing from the story of the woman at the well, and Sarah’s own experience as a missionary kid, we will:

  • Identify the labels we bear
  • Explore our identity in Christ
  • Discuss how we can love others across social boundaries

Do you have a different idea? Sarah will work with you to find the perfect topic to fit the needs of your event!